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    Material design assets and documents

    Hi, I've been working on som assets and documents for material design in Affinity designer. The Icon assets are the original SVG downloaded from https://material.io/icons/ and are all in 24x24 px (I will try to update this when there is new icons). I've also started to make a document that is a copy of te dokument that Sketch uses (This is not done but I would like feedback on what to improve) Material design.zip
  2. The Bearded Bird

    UI design wishlist

    Hi! I am slowly going from Adobe and Sketch over to Affinity, but have some "hiccups" in features. Some of the features I wish for. 1. RGBa 2. Material design assets 3. padding functions on buttons, so that buttons change size based on the text. 4. A function to add "Symbols" in the Assets panel so that if I change one symbol, they all change. 5. Google Material design color swatches. Someone made this 6. Make assets connect to the Affinity account, so when I use a different computer, all my assets will be there. 7. add new Page presets in the "new document" settings. 8. Flowchart 9. Plugin support 10. export to CSS 11. export to XML 12. copy SVG code 13. Pages 14. Shadow options like they have in the sketch app. BTW! I am now only working on AD and AP! love how my workflow has changed and how much more I get done.
  3. Is there a reason why the Designer Workbook cant be sent to Norway?
  4. Hi, I am currently working on an app design project, and I love the export persona when it comes to exporting all the icons used in the app in different sizes. But Just realized that I can export the different sizes in their correct folder, just by adding the folder name and "/" in the export. This is something I have not found or been told anywhere else. So I thought you guys might like it as well. In my case, there are 60 icons that are going to be exported in 5 different sizes, so this was a real time saver.
  5. The Bearded Bird

    Export colours schemes

    I can see how SVG code can be useful because the code in SVG can be used in XML and JSON for graphic elements, but won't you be better off just adding the color palette and fonts in your code once and referring to it in later states?
  6. The Bearded Bird

    Blur Beneath effect

    Aaah yeah that would be nice to have for when designing iOS apps
  7. The Bearded Bird

    Blur Beneath effect

    Can't you just group everything except the part you want to be clear and then put gaussian blur on? Like this. or am I misunderstanding something?
  8. When I'm working on large app designs, it tends to get a lot of symbols. It would be nice to have a similar feature as on sketch, where the symbols are on a separate page. I believe this would make it easier to edit and see whats included in a symbol and not. you could then have separate pages for different states in the app, and different symbol pages for them as well.
  9. I was wondering if plugins like fontself would work on AD? https://www.fontself.com/
  10. The Bearded Bird

    Will Fontself work on AD?

    Aight this is something I think a lot of UI/UX designers would need, and like Sketch, you guys could benefit from
  11. The Bearded Bird

    Will Fontself work on AD?

    Aight is this on the roadmap? Sorry all the questions
  12. The Bearded Bird

    Will Fontself work on AD?

    that fontself could make a version to Affinity software?
  13. The Bearded Bird

    Will Fontself work on AD?

    aah, is there support for plugins on affinity software?
  14. The Bearded Bird

    Exporting to different folders

    Haha, thanks for the like/comment
  15. The Bearded Bird

    Embeded Document Artboard fail

    Hi, was trying to embed the document I have been working on. The doc I´m embedding has a lot of artboards, so I got a dropdown option to choose the artboard I want to preview, but the one showing is never the right one. Is there a given way to sort artboards to make embedded files work?
  16. The Bearded Bird

    Embeded Document Artboard fail

    I was not able to send you a PM. I made a new embedded file now and it works for some reason now. But if you guys still want to have a look it would be fine by me maybe you see something I don't. I uploaded the file to you
  17. The Bearded Bird

    Embeded Document Artboard fail

    I will PM you so you can see
  18. The Bearded Bird

    Embeded Document Artboard fail

    Hi MEB and thanks for quik response, and yes.. The selected artboard from the displayed artboard doesn´t match the one I selected from the dropdown. And I have checked that my self. But there is no art board with the same name. There are some elements with the same name, Symbols n such, but no to artboards are the same.
  19. The Bearded Bird

    Affinity Publisher...

    but not before it´s done
  20. The Bearded Bird

    Affinity Mac & Windows

    I love the software so much that I have bought both apps on my mac and pc, but I agree that now when Affinity Publisher app is coming soon, there should be one single place to update and buy all the apps. I understand that the software was just available through Apple app store in the beginning. But since this is now becoming a full suite of design tools, it would make sense to get everything from your own site and only with one license. something like the creative cloud app would be great for updates n such This would probably make it easier to allow syncing of assets as well
  21. The Bearded Bird

    Sync slice and artboard names

    why would you want to change the artboard name if you change the slice name? And can't you just change the artboard name if you want a different name on the slice?
  22. The Bearded Bird

    Folders in the layers panel

    I did not know that was possible thanks !!!
  23. In some UI projects, it would be very helpful to have folders in the layers panel. This would probably be very helpful in other projects as well
  24. The Bearded Bird

    Folders in the layers panel

    A folder would be able to contain many artboards, and then make it easier to export. In my case, I have a document with 3 major groups of artboards, one with all icons used, one for the setup part of the app, and the last one is the main design on the app. They can all be visual on the canvas, but in the layers panel, this is a lot.
  25. Hi, not sure if I have just missed this feature, but there should be a preset for android, that gives you all the 5 folder to export to and the correct sizes (x1 MDPI, x1.5 HDPI, x2 XHDPI, x3 XXHDPI and x4 XXXHDPI). Is there also an option for changing the color on export ? this would be handy for when I export icons that is both black and white.

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