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I have both a Sony and a Camera camera and shoot in RAW in my commercial photography business.  I recently discovered Affinity Photo and downloaded the trial, as well as purchased the app for my iPad (v1.5.2).


I added three Canon RAW CR2 images to blend them using the HDR feature.  However, once the process had completed and the blended image displayed, it was totally scrambled and looked like a finger painting.  I tried this several times with the same result.  However, when I followed the same process with 3 Sony RAW (ARW) files, it was fine.


Is there a problem processing Canon RAW files?  My camera is a Canon 5DMII. 


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Hi paparatzy, as Paul mentioned, Photo's raw engine has an issue with decoding Canon RAWs shot in mRAW or sRAW. You can however try using Apple's Core Image RAW engine - in the Develop persona, click the tuxedo icon to get to the assistant menu and change the RAW engine from Serif Labs to Apple Core Image RAW. As far as I know, Apple's engine can handle these files.


I would advocate against shooting in mRAW or sRAW though, and instead just use full resolution RAW; I appreciate the reasons for doing so but you are unnecessarily compromising image quality. The end result is not a pure RAW file - in addition to a reduced resolution and demosaicing performed in-camera, I understand that chroma subsampling is also used to further reduce the file size, resulting in reduced colour accuracy - if you're familiar with video tech, sRAW and mRAW are the equivalent of subsampling to 4:2:2 and 4:2:0, so you're working with reduced colour resolution.


However, I notice you've posted this in the iPad forum - have you tried loading the RAW files on the iPad version yet? It uses Apple's engine and shouldn't present any issues. I would definitely check as to whether you really need to shoot sRAW/mRAW though...

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