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Boolean (I think) "divide" command operating automatically

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I'm using the pen tool to create shapes, which overlap. I then want to separate and use as templates for cut paper art. 


However, I find that when I draw any shape, the "divide" key in the context menu automatically becomes activated. Then, when I try to move the shapes apart to lay them out separately, they disappear. 


I would love some insight on how to stop this function. 


Thank you so much. 

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MEB" thank you for the quick reply. It's absolutely fantastic to be able to reach out for Affinty help. That's a good video and I'll use what I learned there.


What I hope to do is this: in the video, you draw two blobs. I want to draw overlapping shapes like that, but then I want to pull them apart so the two original blobs can stand side by side, without being divided or altered in any way. This will allow me to create templates to later cut the original, unaltered shapes. Is there a way I can do that?


Thanks so much.

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Hi, Louva,


Any time a shape is drawn, when it is selected, the divide boolean button lights up. That does not mean the object is divided. It is possible to make compound objects from different shapes, and the divide option is available so that those can be broken into discreet parts.


Just select a shape you have drawn with the move tool, and position the shape wherever you like. It won't affect the other shape(s).

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Hi Louvau,


If I understood your question correctly, you want forms that overlap but remain independent of one another.

1) Draw the two overlapping shapes.

2) Sélect all, make a copy / paste and move them. Deselect the shapes and select one of the two to remove it from the other. Once you are satisfied with their position, you can group them together to stay together. You can unbundle them at any time if you wish.

3) Copy / paste and move both shapes again, reducing their sizes by keeping them selected.




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Gdenby, thank you for your help on this one. 


I must be mis-identifying the problem. I'm new with the program. 


When I draw my shapes, I do so with a black stroke and no fill. All good. But when I then try and separate my shapes to the side of my drawing, some disappear. Even though the colour/stroke settings don't change, the object, once moved, becomes invisible. The stroke disappears. When I use the V tool and select the shape, it becomes highlighted, but once I un-select it, it is no longer visible. 


I have attached a file to this reply. If you try and select the "blue bow", within the hat group, and then move outside of my drawing, it disappears.


I was thinking that this was because of some sort of Boolean function, but I guess not. I can't even ID the problem!


Again, thanks in advance to all who assist me here!



Cut pattern for export to AD forum.afdesign

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Your document structure is misguided, Luveau.


As soon as you make an object a child of another object in the Layers list, you will essentially clip this object to its parent. Therefore, if you move the child object out of boundaries of the parent object, it will disappear. Disentangle all curves in the Layers list, and you should be fine.  :)


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So simple and so basic. Danke, A_B_C! I feel a little like a child object, myself. I was trying to be very organized, keeping things together, but I see now that this approach was working against my ultimate goat. 


Thank you, thank you!  

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