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If this shows up elsewhere my apologies. I thought I had successfully posted it but it disappeared.


I'm an old Freehand user. There are two features of Freehand I cannot find elsewhere, would like to know if AD can do either:


1) Align nodes. In FH the align tools also worked on nodes (control points, handles, etc.) within bezier curves. You could draw a line, select two nodes, and align them.


2) Easily and quickly wrap text to a circle and have the text on the bottom read upright. In FH you'd type text on the sphere/path and hit enter to break the line and everything after would be right side up. Like this:




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Hello Moonliner,


I'm not sure about #1 but #2 is in the road map and a basic feature that i guess many are waiting for.

I have no doubt that these guys will implement the things in the road map and develop AD even further.

If you need a feature that's not in the road map put it in the request forum, i do :)



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For the first point, you can enable the node snap function in the upper tool shelf to the right of the actions tool set. There is a good video in the first issue of the Affinity Review ezine page 48.




It won't allow multiple node aligning but I think that too is coming in a future update.

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