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Rasterise removes bleed in AD when exporting to PDF

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I'm new to this forum and I haven't been able to find an answer to this particular issue.


I'm working on a book cover in Affinity Designer and now I need to export my file to PDF for print. Due to transparency issues, I have to "flatten" the image before exporting. I found that to do so in AD, I first have to group and then rasterise. The only problem is that when I do this, the bleed is messed up. Instead of having the background extending into the bleed, it stops at the end of the document and the bleed is left as a white frame around the PDF (se attached picture).


Is there a way around this? I can't change the dimensions of the document, and I need the bleed to ensure a correct print. Any suggestions? :unsure:






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Thanks for such a quick reply! :)


So does this mean that I don't have to group and rasterise the document in order to flatten it? And if so, is PDF flatten the way to go in order to minimize risk of transparency issue when sending the file for print? 

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I find artboards is very hit and miss when bleed is needed, sometimes theres no bleed, sometimes there is, sometimes theres bleed on the background but not on any photographs that bleed off the page (see attached) the only solid way I've found is to set up each page as a single document which works great - hoping these bugs will be gone when we get viewable bleed guides


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