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Affinity Designer 1.5.5 B2 - Text display compressed

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I'm using my Designer beta copy for a work and played with the text tools. Things were going fine when I ended with a weird behavior lately.


I don't know if I changed a setting somewhere but when I want to create a new text I get some unreadable characters... I almost see a line instead of each characters that I type (See the screenshot).


If I copy/paste another text it seems to work but for the moment when I create a new one I've got this :(


I saved my file and opened it in both the beta and the regular version of designer and it shows the same "bug". So it might not be a "display" problem... I posted here (in beta section) but it could be a bug in the main dev tree too...

My mac is a Retina MBP 15 mid 2012 with Mac OS X 10.12.3 !


Before creating this post I tried to find similar discussion but it seems that there is none or I couldn't find it so any help would be welcome ;)




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