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Shape stroke blend mode

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It would be nice to be able to set a shape's stroke blend mode independently from the shape fill.


Example: a square with "Normal" fill and "Erase" stroke would do great in such designs as this:




Thanks for considering! :)

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+1 to this request!

I mean, duplicating a shape and then setting the posterior one's blend mode to erase kinda works, but it leads to a real hassle whenever you need to change anything in the original shape (and a workaround using symbols is just a minute improvement in this case).

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+1. This would be useful.


Not sure how it would be implemented though as the shape would be a layer in the layer panel and each layer has only one blend mode currently... would the shape have to be separated into a sub fill layer and a sub stroke layer to do this?


Maybe this is where a stroke panel similar to Ai comes into play. Where you can have more than one stroke on a shape, maybe allowing application of different blend modes and this is where you would adjust those parameters in a reconfigured "super" stroke panel...

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Don't worry Retrograde. The A-Team will find a way to do it. :)

Best regards,

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