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So I trying to get a simple isometric box going by using this technique but I can't seem to get -30 in the rotation working. What am I doing wrong? Also, what the operation syntax for presents. I mean I can figure it out with a calculator but how do i enter it in the scale field without having to resort to doing it in a calculator?  







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Thanks for the response  on the syntax and the and the link  to that thread. I thought it was me. Most bugs I blame the user (myself). I am glad it was me  this time hehe. I always think I am doing something wrong first. It took me some figuring out to come up with the 330 degree rotation to get the right angle. I guess until this bug is stomped out I might just go old school make a grid template to build off of instead although that might now work as easy for curved forms. I guess I will just have to remember 330 degrees for now and  *=86.062%


Thanks again!  :) 

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