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Affinity Photo for (French) beginners ?

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I teach post-processing of digital photos to beginners in a French photo club. So far, our teaching was based on Photoshop and I wonder if the time has not come to switch to Affinity Photo, so as to operate on a simpler but yet very powerful software. I know that quite a lot of video tutorials already exist which potentially should be helpful to beginners, but all of them are English-speaking, and thus, sadly, nearly useless to most of our French ears (by the way, I apologize for my possibly approximate English).


So I'm trying to find out how our beginners could find their way into the software and, for that purpose, I try to follow the same path as we did with Photoshop and I list the things that seem odd to me in the software. I give below a first list of these remarks. I am using v1.5.1 on Mac OS. 


Preferences :

—   in color preferences, the option Warn when assigning working profile to unprofiled files does not work, there is never a warning

—    the Artboard Background Gray Level slider does not work

—    the choice of the language works for the software only, not for the online manual (which remains in French for me and which refuses to pass in English)


—   in the slider display, logically, the Granger chart should not be affected by the Saturation slider in HSL mode

—    I am puzzled by the logic of the small reset button, just at the bottom left of the foreground / background patchs (instead of the black/white reset button in Photoshop). It removes any color information in a tool like the brush. What good is it for?

—   when working with the brush, one can pick a color from the image through an ALT-click on the image. However, the software is not very responsive and sometimes the ALT-click has to be repeated several times. Also, it would be nice if the ALT key could temporarily replace the brush circle with the color picker icon.

—   In the Fill dialog box, it would be nice if a click on the custom colour plot automatically activated the Custom Colour option.


Selection brush tool : why not add a feather option ? Since the shortcut CTRL+ALT+click-and-drag (Mac OS) is already implemented for the size, it could also control the feather.


Infos panel :  length and position information can be displayed either in pixels or in cm (depending on the choice in the options of the Main tool). However, curiously, when you choose "cm" and draw a rectangular selection, the position of the starting point is displayed in cm, but the width and height remain in px.


Hoping these remarks could be dealt with in the next upgrade.


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Bonjour ch22


Did you get further on these questions? Has the latest version of the software improved these bugs that you found?


I come to this post while researching how to make a training package, as you wrote. What I want to do is come up with something like this Vimeo lesson,

but with Affinity Photo and/or Designer.


Good luck to us all...

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