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  1. Licensecart

    Affinity Video Editor?

    Same here if Affinity made one, Affinity are the future but to do that they need a video editing software and publisher and boom done. I wonder what they use for their release videos.
  2. Edit: Oh you want features :D
  3. 3rd that :D I don't do videos much but started on Youtube and there's no video editing apps and maybe a Affinity screen / video creator in it so we can just record and then edit.
  4. Really getting fed up now lol. Been waiting since Photo was in beta.... and really want Publisher and hopefully some more cool apps like a posh apple video editor, etc and then Adobe is screwed, we are all happy and Affinity makes more money and more things. I think the Windows version is why this is pushed back but come on guys please give us publisher, you've got the logo, been delayed even an Alpha would be neat.
  5. Just had this exporting to both png and jpeg. Never had it before but the unchecking metadata fixed it, I tried reloading the app, I blame Windows, since they added Windows support this happens :)
  6. Licensecart

    Affinity Powerpoint?

    It would be amazing if it's possible in the future :) but agreed with the above about using a third party but it would be nice to have a Affinity professional neat and cool software for Macs.
  7. There's a free file here: http://graphicriver.net/item/new-year-celebration-event-template/6009213for today and tomorrow, if that helps Smart objects are a neat idea.
  8. I know we have Affinity publisher coming shortly, which is going to be a better word text documentation software but have you guys got planned for a powerpoint style software for slideshows etc?
  9. Licensecart

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi all Mike here, just bought our copy of Affinity Photo after using the beta, need to get the designer next haha :P