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Missing Fundamental Tools for Web

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I absolutely love Affinity but right now there are still some tools that forbid me to completely leave Adobe.


They are:


- Crop Canvas (or Crop Document)

- Trim Canvas

- Resize Canvas

- New document based on clipboard object (match size with the object on clipboard)


Something to think about:


- Responsive design / document states - I think there are no tools on the market that allow us to properly address this. It would be great to create different states for a document, this would allow us to reuse page elements and arrange them in different document sizes. This could then export to an html page that would allow us to show our clients how a responsive page would perform in different sizes. This export would have media queries and would change images for different window sizes.


- Sprite sheets - Properly address the creation of sprite sheets, generate css, define hover, active states for sprites, etc. This would be really killer!


Make this tools and you'll have all the new generation of designers going to Affinity (The old designers will stick with Photoshop till its death :) ).





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For me what's missing most so that AD would be usable as a UI design tool:

- Artboards

- Layout grids

- Easily switch between normal and rounded rectangle (when you have it already drawn)

- Missing option to snap to full pixels (at the moment you always get 0,5 pixel values)

- Option to easily measure distances (like in Sketch)

- Ability to close overlays with ESC

- Jump between layers with tab

- Escape layer groups with ESC

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