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  1. offwings

    Mobile companion app

    Any news regarding the companion app? I think it would be very useful
  2. offwings

    TARGA file please?

    Any updates on this Andy? Thanks
  3. offwings

    Affinity Photo hook on Affinity Designer

    Got it. I kind of like that button there, it´s pretty accessible just an opinion. Thank you
  4. Hello. I purchased AP today and updated my AD, but I can´t use the 'Edit on Photo' button. Am I missing something here? It is clickable, so Designer knows I have Photo, but it won't open when I click it
  5. mm, that could be the issue but what about ABC´s problem? I am experiencing it as well; when I zoom in sometimes it zooms out
  6. I have the same issue as A_B_C but in Affinity Designer 1.2
  7. Maybe it's not something everyone uses all the time but personally I would love to have percentage rulers so I can place my guides correctly. And maybe save my document preferences (size, margins, guides, dpi, etc) as a preset so I don´t have to always setup my document Awesome job with AD and AP, looking forward to buying AP ;)
  8. Hi, Not sure if this helps, http://vimeo.com/124323029 You can see in the zoom % the issue, Again, I am using MacOsX 10.10.2 Mac Pro 3.5Ghz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5 Graphics. AMD FirePro D500 3072mb And this issue happens randomly when zooming or changing to zoom from any other tool
  9. I am experiencing the same issue, it happens way too often. Sometimes this makes Affinity Designer crash. MacOsX 10.10.2 Mac Pro 3.5Ghz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5 Graphics. AMD FirePro D500 3072mb

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