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  1. What about if I have one big line that is the outline of a pair of trousers and one small section in that par if trousers needs to get much thicker at one end how can I affect only that section of the whole line When making characters is it best to do lots of dogleg strokes all touching each other for this affect and then to go around the strokes for the colour after
  2. Hopefully the topic title makes sense. I have a layer, say a button that I have duplicated and using the arrow keys I am moving the duplicate layer down and want to measure it so I have a base of 15px margin however the item when measured is always at .5 of a pixel How do I stop this happening
  3. I have drawn the outline of a character how do I change the thickness of the lines.i know I can use the graph but this affects the whole stroke how do I make it so it only affects a certain section of the stroke tonget thickness where I want it on only certain parts of the line
  4. Are any of you guys using a tablet (I am using a Wacom) struggling with clean lines that I can get using the mouse but the a Wacom and pen ?
  5. Will this sort of set up configuration stop my vector lines being all wobbly as my lines are not wobbly when using a mouse or using pixel mode just draw persona. Wondering if this will affect it and help. I am really stuck and this wobbly jittery line problem is doing my head in lol
  6. I did not manage to add the resource, here it is for anyone who wants it any feedback would be great so i can make additions Responsive Web Design Template.afdesign
  7. Hopefully this is a simple fix. Whenever I draw using the vector brush (only one tested so far and pencil) using the iMac Magic Mouse the lines are smooth as expected but when I draw with the Wacom they are clearly not smooth why
  8. Good afternoon all, I have changed and modded my Affinity designer Web Starter pack I have on there a number of Artboards for responsive design, a styles panel, and a symbols panel. Both the Styles and Symbols have examples in. On the Styles Artboard there are two groups of text styles, currently, both are the same and the bottom will need changing to match mobile/tablet design. They are all linked to a paragraph style (in hindsight maybe this should have been character, not sure). The idea being that you change the mobile one to fit the design and then add a style for that. Hope this
  9. Is there any tutorial explaining the refine edges tool. As I am rather lost sorry for being lame haha
  10. Thanks for the reply I didn't really look at any examples from Japanese art. Maybe next time I wil
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