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Johnny Chin

Why AD treating grouped objects as a single snapping target?

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Hi, I want to snap individual object inside a group, but when I hovering my cursor to the object I wanted, the whole group was selected, and my candidate list is set to 6, so end up everything in my page were purple color indicated selected since all group selected when I point to more things. why this happen but not before? How do i solve this problem? Previously I can just hovering my cursor to whatever i want then a purple color will flash around the object to indicate you can snap to it no matter it is in a group or not. but now after 1.5 update or any reason, I can't do that anymore. even the whole group been selected, I can't snap to any object inside the group, only the boundary of the group.


This is a follow up to my previous unsolved question



This is my snapping setting, if anything wrong please correct me



The snapping I wanted is like this


Please help! I wanted to continue my project as soon as possible!

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Snapping with grouped objects is something I am struggling with too.


In my simple example (attached) I want to be able to snap the center of any of the small green squares to the corners / center of the large red diamond.


Can't do it!


The best workaround I found was to  snap the Diamond to the small Squares, which sometimes gets better results.


I have come to Affinity from Xara Designer, which has a toggle to treat groups as a single or multiple objects. AD doesn't yet seem to have the same ability :(

Group Snapping.afdesign

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I d-loaded a beta yesterday. I'm not having a snapping problem as described, quite. I can't give a complete description, but I'm getting all sorts of indicators. Top & bottom aligns, side to side, centers, often showing indicators for 2 object in the group.


I made my own file w. 7 rectangles, and grouped them. In the newest release, another shape as it is moved around will show alignments and distances to the objects within the group. I get snapping indicators from adjacent rectangles at different positions, as well as measurements so I can tell when the object is evenly spaced between the objects


In Aammppaa file, I needed to ungroup the group, and then regroup. Also, I found that the snapping is improved by resetting the bounding box. That way, both the outer nodes and the rectangular space they are within work for snapping. Otherwise, it seems the outer points of the diamond are the alignment points. 

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