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  1. Hey guys, I new to Affinity Designer and I wanted to make folding line for my origami ebook folding instruction, but after draw the line I don't see the arrow head available, how to make it? I googled it, but some post mentioned that this feature not available yet? how come? for such a pro app still not available? Please help and reply ASAP!
  2. Hi, I want to snap individual object inside a group, but when I hovering my cursor to the object I wanted, the whole group was selected, and my candidate list is set to 6, so end up everything in my page were purple color indicated selected since all group selected when I point to more things. why this happen but not before? How do i solve this problem? Previously I can just hovering my cursor to whatever i want then a purple color will flash around the object to indicate you can snap to it no matter it is in a group or not. but now after 1.5 update or any reason, I can't do that anymore. even the whole group been selected, I can't snap to any object inside the group, only the boundary of the group. This is a follow up to my previous unsolved question https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/30909-how-to-snap-object-base-on-bottom-object/?p=152215 This is my snapping setting, if anything wrong please correct me The snapping I wanted is like this Please help! I wanted to continue my project as soon as possible!
  3. Hi MEB, i hope you still there, I manage to get it by play around with the setting, but when i get excited I found a problem, all my assets are grouped, when I hover over to the vector/image, the purple light flash on all image/vector in the group which is not I wanted, i only want one thing inside, and I set my max candidates to 6, it will count the whole group as 1 so total 6 group selected for snap! How do I solve this? I just want to do something as basic as before, This is my new setting Please reply as soon as possible!
  4. Hey guys, I was able to drag n hold an vector/image onto another vector/image and an purple color indicator will flash once at the bottom object to indicate you can now snap your current selected image/vector base on the bottom vector/image. But now I can't, in not mastered in AD or any other illustrator app, so I not sure where to chance the setting to able it once again. Please help, it's urgently needed!
  5. yeah, I checked it, but I think I also changed some other setting in here, can you guide me which other options need to enable and disable? Why this happen? Is the 1.5 update changed the setting?
  6. wow so fast reply! thanks! Yeah I followed your steps, but it's not same as what used to be. It was like I drag a image/vector onto an image/vector, then the bottom image/vector will just flash ONCE only, the purple color won't show up again, then I can snap based on the bottom vector/image, other won't affected. with your step, every image/vector on my page is all "selected" in the purple color. I'm not sure why this happen, why it gone, I remember I didn't changed any setting, maybe update changed the setting? I can't remember how this happen!
  7. Hey guys, I want to draw a double circle arrow for my origami tutorial ebook, I used ronniemcbride method to create the arrow head, then I create a circle and convert it to curve and cut it into half and duplicate it to become the double arrow circle, like below, but the arrow head is crooked, how do I make perfect double circle arrow? Left: arrowhead brush created by me Right: arrowhead brush created by ronniemcbride
  8. so you means mine is ok already or need to improve? I checked yours from the QuickLook, the bottom one is same as mine or made by you? ok to clear the misunderstand, I was asking about the double arrow, and now I have done it by myself and it's solved, now I asking for another type of arrow circle like the new one(i'm not sure what's the name!)
  9. Hey guys, thanks for your reply, yeah, I break the rule! I have created the double arrow circle by myself using the brush I created. Instead of using pie tool, I use circle(I think pie can do it too), I remove the Fill, so the remain is only the stroke, so I convert it to curve and chose my arrowhead brush for the stroke, it will show only one arrow, of course. So next, I use node tool to select the top and bottom node and I break the node one by one, now it become the double arrowhead I wanted! Hurray!!! The reason I want to use my brush is because I'm making an ebook, and I dealing with not just a page, tons, and there's a lot of reuse of the vector line/curve like this to show the folding method, and it will looks good if all my vector line is equal width/design, so the shape method advised from you is ok but not suitable for my case as it take longer and will never looks the same as my designed brush. So I hope this explained! :D But now I have to make another vector line like this image below, I'm not sure what it call but in origami terminology, it's the turn over symbol, I'm not sure how to make the perfect accurate one(not randomly draw some line and done but with well measure, precisely symmetry), I use the same circle with same width(not the brush, but just same width), and draw 2 same width curve line and move to both direction on top of the circle, I'm not sure this looks good, how do you guys think? If you guys want to try, I will publish the whole set of brush I designed after my ebook done, in the moment you can try Ronnie's brush!
  10. Nice! But is there a way I can use my self made arrow head brush instead? I would like it to be same design as my self made arrow head vector line.
  11. Johnny Chin

    Arrow Brush

    Thanks! It work! Hi A_B_C, when I use the text on path feature, my text is displayed on top of the line, not like yours, I changed the baseline to adjust the text to the centre so I can get the arrow in the centre of the line, but I see you didn't change the baseline, so how did you do that? and if I need to change the baseline, what value should I use? I self publishing an ebook about origami tutorial, and I need to make a lot of "complicated" vector line which Affinity Designer is not yet able to make easily like the "Dash Dot Dot" line, "empty white half arrow head line", "rotate circle with 2 arrow line", etc, do you think which method from you guys is more suitable for my case? Does the arrow brush ronnie made is actually not a vector but a image? because when I zoom in a lot I can see the blurred pixel, while if I use the A_B_C method, since everything is using the font, everything is vector not rasterised image. Please reply as soon as possible! Thanks!
  12. Johnny Chin

    Arrow Brush

    Thanks it work!
  13. Johnny Chin

    Arrow Brush

    Hey guys, I used the one arrowhead only line but there's a small "tail" in the end of the other side that's doesn't have the arrowhead, do you guys know how to fix this? please reply ASAP!
  14. Johnny Chin

    Looking For Help

    Is ok, maybe other models in my book will interest you like Alien and Godzilla? Yeah, I hope other people see this will help me, but you can help me too by sharing, don't forget the power of word of mouth! Thanks!
  15. Hi everyone, I have been self publishing my first book, it is an origami tutorial ebook, everything goes well but recently both the Affinity Photo Beta and Affinity Designer Trial I using to process the photo diagram and designing the book have been expired, I want to continue my work with both apps but I can't afford to buy them. I tried to use other free open sources but their difficult interface and poor performance plus I have to relearn everything in this short time really didn't work for me! I have made a fundraiser page to collect donation to buy those apps. total $100 is needed, 5 dollar or 1 dollar per person will helped me a lot to get my goal. I will get my application result to university soon and later will start my university life if the application success. After that, I will have no time to make it. So, I hope I can get helped as soon as possible. Thanks and appreciated! Link: https://life.indiegogo.com/fundraisers/help-chin-to-buy-apps-to-make-his-first-book/x/10397640 Some of the origami models will in the book(total 22 models tutorial, 3 sections, creative monster, movie characters and game characters, all designed by me!) Metal Gear Ray Dragon
  16. Johnny Chin

    Looking For Help

    Please do help me, I won't forget every generousness from every of you, I will try to figure out a way to give my book to you guys when my book published to ibook store and Amazon kindle. Please do help me, this book means a lot to me, this is one of my dream since my childhood! https://life.indiegogo.com/fundraisers/help-chin-to-buy-apps-to-make-his-first-book/x/10397640
  17. Johnny Chin

    Looking For Help

    Tried and a lot but no chance. They seem not fully understand my condition and keep telling me there have free alternative option, I tried and they not work for me and I have to relearn everything but I don't time as I mentioned early. Here is my last chance, I hope I can get support from you guys. Didn't you like my craft, Leigh? Hope you like it and support me!
  18. Hi Peter! Thanks for reply, yeah, I take a picture of a origami book I referred to, check out the base circle guide I mentioned. How to make it in Affinity Designer, or pixelmator if you know too! And the design have a step number in the circle as well, how to do that, or I just make a number text and move to that circle? Thanks for helping, I was using Affinity Beta, but it's expired and I can't afford to buy it, this problem have make my origami book making even harder,so I now downloaded Pixelmator trial and Affinity Trial and try to use them for my book making, I hope you can help me by fund some dollar to me, $1, $5 dollar, or higher based on your finance ability, and please help me share my fundraise campaign page as well! https://life.indiego...book/x/10397640 how to put the image directly on my reply in this forum so I can show the full picture directly? Thanks Peter for helping!
  19. Hey guys, I'm making an origami book, I want to make a vector line that show the guide to follow the instruction steps, but I want to make it has circle or other shape with loop instead of just normal bold vector line. How to I do it in Affinity Designer? If I want to make an shape different in the loop like 1 triangle shape after 5 circle shape, can I do it? Please let me know as soon as possible! I have been download the Affinity Designer trial to make my book, just started using it, still a bit aliens to it! If you like to help my book, you can help me by fund me at my fundraiser page to buy this app and Affinity Photo to make my book! Link: https://life.indiegogo.com/fundraisers/help-chin-to-buy-apps-to-make-his-first-book/x/10397640 Thanks!!!!
  20. Johnny Chin

    MY Design of Affinity Apps' Icons!

    Thanks! Hope the Affinity Team can update the icons with more meaningful and easy to recognise icons, and I hope they can get some inspirations from my designs! Why nobody leave opinions here yet? is it nobody see my post? can you help me share it? really want to listen more opinions, my ears are always ready! Do they have a icons design challenge? I like to submit mine!
  21. Hey guys, I'm very new to Affinity Forum and this is my first post! I have designed new icons for Affinity Apps based on the original icons' unique characteristics and flatted design. I hope Affinity Team can see this and maybe get some ideas from my design! Let me know what you think! Affinity have updated the apps with brand new flat design, personally I think the new design is tasteless and not easy understandable for newcomer who didn't see the original design! All design are using just Affinity Photo beta app! Thanks for sharing your opinions!