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Infinite Canvas in Affinity Designer

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One of the flagship features of Sketch would be a great one to implement into Designer, possibly also Photo, and carry over into the iPad versions—an infinite canvas for brainstorming and sketching out ideas using vector brushes, like a huge, digital whiteboard. This could be added as an option when creating a new document, all on its own, or part of a 'web' project. No artboard or document boundaries, just white to sketch out ideas and scroll to try something new, be able to copy an idea to another part of the canvas to create a modified version, things like that. Could see someone using this feature on an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil to sketch out ideas that can be fine-tuned later, either still on the iPad, or on a computer.


If this feature were a day one with the launch of Affinity products for iPad, I'd buy them all instantly.

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Completely agree with having this. Additionally, it would be nice if, by default, the app starts/opens with a blank infinite canvas. So, if you don't feel like going New --> New Document and choosing a configuration every time, you can simply start making things. And, later you can add the document settings if needed.


Or, if the infinite canvas is not possible, perhaps an option to "Use this document preset when Affinity launches". Essentially, this would automatically create a new document ( based on user preset ) when the app launches.

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I absolutely love the idea that the app start with a blank infinite canvas. I am now in dear search for an infinite canvas app but they all lack the advantages Affinity Designer offers. Also, why purchasing all those brushes and other feature packs in e.g. Concepts when I already have a great collection of brushes and papers etc for Affinity... :) 

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