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My fill and fill settings keeps disappearing, please help.

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Hi guys, I'm new here to the forum and new to affinity designer.


So far I'm loving the software, however I seemed to have ran into a bit of a problem,

It's kind of hard to explain but, whenever I draw something with the pen tool on a new layer it always starts out with no fill, I click on the “use fill” check box which seems to solve the problem temporarily, but then when I draw another shape in the same layer the settings goes back to no fill & no stroke on the new shape and I have to click 'use fill' again.

Also when I go to edit a shape that I previously made, the fill and stroke disappear and the settings just automatically reset to no fill & no stroke, and I have to go back and choose the colour I had previously...

is there anyway to fix this?

And is there any way I can use the fill option by default without having to click it every time I make a new shape?  



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Hi KitKat,

Welcome to the Affinity Forums :)


On the context toolbar when you have the Pen Tool selected, you should see a checkbox for 'Use Fill'. This should be remembered so every time you use the Pen Tool you will get a fill.


Let me know if this helps. Cheers! 

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Windows 7x64 - i have the same issue - "use fill" - in fact it is remembered but only for first node - when i put second node "use fill" is getting unchecked.


It would be also less confusing if "use fill" would synchronise with color panel - when i draw curve with pen tool or pencil tool and pick some color from color wheel - curve is filling out with selected color - but "use fill" checkbox remain unchecked.

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