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Artistic text, frame text and SVG sizes

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I am concerned about having the smallest size of SVG since I use them in creating an app. I understand why and when Art text and Frame text tools are used but wonder if there is any difference in the actual letters or sizes when exporting them as an SVG (other than their obvious look on the page). My concerns are:


1. With the same amount of text the Art text appears to make a smaller sized SVG than the Frame text. Is this to be expected?


2. In importing my docs, city-names were imported into AD as Art text rather than as Frame text, which is the way we would have created them in AD. Now we are wondering if we should recreate all of these Art text city-names as Frame text city-names. Any comment whether this would make the AD export of these names larger SVGs?


3. Is there any way to convert an Art text to a Frame text or vice-versa? I doubt it but thought I would ask. 

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Hi Jim,


I'd expect the file size difference between the two to be minimal, however this will depend on the content. If you created them in Designer are you not reopening them using the saved .afdesign file. This would ensure that if you used Frame Text it would still be that, when reopened.  


If you can expand more on how your document was created it may help :)



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There shouldn't be any difference between the SVG size of Art and Frame text. There's no way to convert between them, but if you copy and paste the text from Art to Frame you should find the SVG produced is identical. I'd be interested in any examples to the contrary, where the text is formatted the same.
For the smallest size, you might want to play with the export options, especially under File > Export > More. I don't think Longer text spans ever gets switched on by any of the presets, but it can help with the size of text.

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