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On canvas Control Points / U-point (similar to Capture NX2 / Nik Collection)

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  Help , In China the sample photo with layer in the App can’t be downloaded !

  If we want get some support we must register the forum , but user form China network, the "Security Check” code can’t display ,so , User from China can’t get any support , please help !(I use friend's VPN)

  1. 类似 Capture NX 2 中的 U 点功能,修片儿效率胜过一切软件;
  2.类似 Capture NX 2 中的通过选框取样设定灰点,在有着不同色温的复杂光源条件下调整白平衡无比好用;
  如能,很多用户就可以从 Capture NX2 完全转到 Affinity Photo 下了。 Capture NX2 已经停止更新,老的安装程序不支持10.11 ,为此我们只能先装OS X 10.9,再装 Capture NX2 最后升级到 OS X 10.11 ,由于 Capture NX2 出色的效率,这么做是值得的,希望 Affinity Photo 能具有这两个重要功能,请务必考虑,谢谢。
  I like it very much ,but to the Photographer’s word efficiency, there’s two functions is very , very important for us :
  1. Like the U point function in Capture NX2 ,the most high-efficiency function of all the Photo App ;
  2. In turning  White Balance, like the Set Grey Point through Select Area in Capture NX2 ,When in the environment of complex lighting of different color temperature , It’s the best and only tool can make photographer satisfied.
  Would you add similar functions with same effects ? If you can , many Capture NX2 users would turn to the Affinity’s side . Because the Capture NX2 can’t run Install in OS X 10.10 or 10.11 , so ,we had to install OS X 10.9 and Capture NX2 first then update to OS X 10.11 ,It’s worth to do this ,because of the work efficiency of Capture NX2. 
  Please consider our suggestion ,please !
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Welcome to the forum lang :D


We're aware that Google's ReCaptcha is blocked in China. Do you have any idea which captcha method is allowed within China?

sorry ,I even don't know what is recaptcha ,  Baidu it just now , i don't know these webs in china how to solve the question .

the Affinity Photo is most like Photoshop or base the Photoshop opetation way and have some improve。 But i think the photoshop's operation was base the pix picture with Intel 486 age. it's too diffrent with human language , for example  ,photographer will say ,here ,make it more dark ,here ,make ti more light .  but in photoshop's mind, you must apply a area ,translate the language "here" to a select area by handmade ,so , the CaptureNX 's U point way is close to humand language more. we very want to a New wonderful Tool ,not a Improve or Lite version of Photoshop。

So ,can you add the U point or some similar function?

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Welcome to the forum lang :D


We're aware that Google's ReCaptcha is blocked in China. Do you have any idea which captcha method is allowed within China?


We use the 3th party app , like BetterTouchTool to add gesture to Mac OS X ,The gesture 's value is that we try our best to break away form accurate operation like move a cursor form any posion and  across many pixs then accurate stop in some posion or some very little buttom like the Finder 's close buttom, we want just swap fingle ,the current window will close . hands will not be tired. even on more bigger screen.

same things , We really want  the Picture's operation will be a simple , fast , blurred operation ,human do little , other's are done by app , just like the Capture NX2 's U point  ( if you want to try ,install os x 10.9 ,then you can install capture nx 2) , this is the value of  U point , please , add the function, please !

The the Affinity Photo will collect the merits of Photoshop and Capture NX2 ,it will be the best  after shot App for Photographer 。


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  • Staff

Hi lang,

Nik Collection plug-ins also use similar control points to affect specific areas of an image, but those methods also have some disadvantages. They tend to be less precise than traditional selection/masking methods. I've changed the title of this thread to reflect the feature being requested as it's currently too vague ("Help & Feature Requests") so this doesn't get lost.

Thanks for your feedback and Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

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