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Chart/Graph Tool???

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It would be a HUGE competitive advantage for AD if it had a usable charting feature (I don't consider AI's version usable—I pull my hair out every time I try to use it, and them I'm sad). The bar is low. Going through Publisher doesn't really make sense to me; designers build their graphics in AD or Illustrator, and they might not end up in layout publishing software. If you don't want to build tabling into the app, just allow import/link from Excel or Sheets.

I tried AD a few years ago and really liked it but didn't stick with it due to numerous bugs. Assuming most of those have been taken care of, this is exactly the type of differentiating feature that would immediately get me to switch over.

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Affinity Designer has been terrific for making graphics where I need to combine a few things (better than Affinity Photo for this).  It would be seriously valuable to me if it had graph / charting capabilities!  I've been trying "Tableau" but can't seem to get it to create what I want.

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I keep checking back on Affinity, since I'd love to be free of the Adobe ecosystem. I still haven't forgiven them for killing Macromedia Freehand.

As an information graphics designer, I would like to join the chorus in requesting a graphing tool for Designer. It still aggravates me that Adobe won't upgrade the tool, yet they keep charging me $60 a month for Illustrator (and the rest of the suite). I bought Affinity two years ago, and they haven't charged me any money since!

The Affinity products still lack a few things, and have some aggravating workflows, but that's a topic for a different forum. A graphing tool that outclasses Adobe (not a difficult concept, as Adobe's still hasn't changed in over 30 years) would be a most welcome addition.

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I created a new thread in V2 Feedback.

Is there any news anyone is aware of for charting? This would get me closer to getting my team to adopt affinity. For a science publication, data vis is key. I would also love something view for editors that would solve for InCopy. If those two things happened, out company could say goodbye to Adobe and their bloated business licensing. We pay an insane amount just so 30 employees on our editorial team can access InCopy to line edit InDesign files.

Thanks again as always!

Stephen :)

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