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    Optical typesetting

    +1 for the request for an automatic optical kerning option.
  2. piratejabez

    Automatic optical kerning

    +1 for the request for an automatic optical kerning option.
  3. piratejabez

    Select Same

    +1 a tool like Illustrator's magic wand would be fantastic! It's something I use frequently. Their implementation is a little wonky, and doesn't seem to work on text. I could see Affinity making a cleaner, more robust, more reliable version.
  4. +1. Snapping candidates is a brilliant concept! But as OP mentioned, it is easy to bestow candidate status accidentally, and then impossible to revoke it (without designating a number of other candidates). Also: highlighting the first letter in a snap candidate text box is awkward. Can we not highlight the bounding box instead? Also: would love snapping for distance distribution, as Adobe has done for all their core design apps. (I'm not a Publisher user, so I'm not sure if it's there already.) For example, if I have three identical objects in a row, all 20px apart, and I create a 4th one, I would like it to snap to the same 20px mark. Thanks :)
  5. +1 for text and/or paragraph styles. Thanks :)
  6. +1 for a "transform each" feature. I'm actually quite surprised this doesn't exist yet, especially considering Illustrator's rather poor implementation of this feature. This would be a huge workflow boost for many, and could be a great draw/differentiator!

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