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I've noticed that pen tool is so laggy and slow. Also there're some lags and distortions when I try to move/drag any object. Are there any ways to solve this issue?


Here you can check the gifs I made: http://imgur.com/a/7hpyt


Windows10 8GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M


Hi Foxfin, the pen tool issue is a known thing (it only happens on the second point, if you added a third, it would work OK).

What CPU do you? 

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I'm having trouble with my pen tool also. There's a delay/lag before I get my preview of my anchor point and handles, so I have no idea how much curve I'm giving and I have to keep adjusting with the node selection tool.


Also, in general, if I use the pen tool for too long, AD just starts misbehaving and crashes - especially if I want to continue a path, edit a node and switch between the node selection tool and pen tool during more complicated path construction.


I have to save a lot at the moment when working with the pen tool - hope to see this fixed in future updates!

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