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I have just received the beta copy of Affinity for windows 10.


:Like many others - I was looking forward to upgrading from PPX9 and getting something great. BUT my initial experiences are only annoying which has dampened my whole feeling.


1. My login was not remembered on this forum yet I have used it for a long time (12 years) with PagePlus, from X3 to X9. I had to create a new login as mine was obviously there and so I could use it again.


2. I opened a page and started to play around. Let's open a square and give it rounded corners, and fill it. Very basic but I am just starting and learning. (I thought the commands used in PP would work but they seem to have been thrown away). I could make a square and round the corners but only one at a time, not all together. But I could not fill it with color. Stupid me, I thought. Oh well, look in the help. Fill color = nothing.


I click on the 'fill' next to the 'rectangle' nothing changes.


So I thought I'd try a tutorial, nothing either.


There seems to be nothing much to help people who are not full-time illustrators or similar. Is Affinity for them and not for people like me who would use it to make printed brochures and online graphics????


Why does it take sooo long to open a new document??


I draw a line and want to widen it, nothing works.


My joy and anticipation at getting Affinity has evaporated.


I read in one tutorial that I may need to buy and download another program to make Affinity work, is this true?


You may as well say good bye to me and most of those others I talk to, we don't have funds nor the will to buy to make work.


I even now doubt you will reply to me.


Good thoughts intended only here.


Edward Firs

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I have just received the beta copy of Affinity for windows 10.



1. My login was not remembered on this forum yet I have used it for a long time (12 years) with PagePlus, from X3 to X9. I had to create a new login as mine was obviously there and so I could use it again.



Welcome to the forums. Just to remind you, there is no product named "Affinity". I believe that Affinity is the company or the division of Serif. There are two Affinity products, one is Affinity Designer, the other is Affinity Photo. I'm assuming that you are referring to the Affinity Designer beta for Windows. You might want to check out the thread for that. You can find it here. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/33-affinity-designer-on-windows-beta/You might be able to find some answers there. If you want to widen a line, you can either adjust the nodes using the white "node" tool or if it is a simple line (created using the pen tool), just increase the stroke weight. I hope that helps. 


I don't know if old usernames and passwords were carried over from the Serif forums to the Affinity forums? The Affinity website is (to my understanding) rather new, started sometime in 2014. 


Also it is important to keep in mind that Affinity Designer isn't the same as nor meant to be the same as DrawPlus and PagePlus. Affinity is a completely new product. I hope that you get the hang of Designer, it is a wonderful app! 


Best of Luck,


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Just in case you were not aware of this, "beta" is a standardized term (used since the 1950's) to denote an unfinished, incomplete version of a software product intended for testing. See for example http://techterms.com/definition/beta_software for a bit more about this.

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I ask the same about this software replace pp, about the problem of the color if I can help you I was having same problem and it was that first I have to select the fill in the upper bar and in the right bar in the color selector make sure the transparency of the color are not at 100 percent so the color is transparent

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