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Measuring/Area tool in ADV2

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Having just used the Area measuring tool to find the perimeter of an object. The object is a series of straight lines that is not a closed shape. The perimeter tool doesn't work on an open shape and the Cusp measuring feature will only measure one line at a time.

I'm suggesting that an extra feature that allows accumulative measurement to be added together to get a continuous perimeter of a series of lines that are not a closed shape. This could be used for the perimeter mode and the Cusp mode.

I would like to be able to measure the inside of a shaped box to work out the amount of material I would need to line it.

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I just drew an open curve and the area tool measured the perimeter just fine.

So then I thought you might mean a series of separate curves / lines, but the area tool can measure that too.

Either you need to preselect all the curves first, and then switch to the Area Tool.

Or you need to hold Ctrl+Click to select a new object, or Ctrl+Shift+Click to add to the selection.

But perhaps I miss understood your issue... can you post an example screenshot or Affinity file?


@Affinity: The status bar does not show the keypress modifiers required to correctly use the Area Tool to select new objects, or add to the selection. The help page for the Area Tool is poor. It has no description of how to actually use the tool, only its intended purpose. The pertinent information is all on a page called Measurement, which does not feel like the right location for such needed information.

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