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How to fix a .afdesign open Issue


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Hi, how can I fix this ?




There are several issues with your forum:

A) I filled the Topic Subject/Title and the (I guess) the Content field and then I clicked on the Cookies Accept button which leads to data loss: The Topic Subject/Title field will be deleted - that is unexpected behaviour.

B) Then I need to enter my email plus I need to login. That is confusing, why entering an email if i need to log in anyways ?


C) When i log in that is not accepted and I need to login a second time:



D) The Topic Subject/Title field again is emptied out, also unexpected.


E) The Content field has no label

F) The Content field is not resizable


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I can’t answer any of the questions about the web site (which should have been in a separate thread to make support easier, and it looks like you were trying to make a ‘guest post’, rather than just signing in) but, for the original issue, if the document you are trying to open was created in a V2 application then there’s nothing to ‘fix’ since the V1 applications cannot open V2 documents.

The same goes for trying to open a document which was created in a later version of the application which you are trying to open it in. For example, V1.9.x cannot open a document saved in V1.10.x, V2.0.x cannot open from V2.1.x, etc.

If, on the other hand, your document was created in the same version of the application you’re using, or the document was last saved in an earlier-version application, then that could be something which can be looked at.

You can either upload the document here (in public) for anyone to look at or request a private dropbox link for the staff to have a look at it.

Either way, please provide details of the versions numbers of the application you last saved the document in and of the application you are opening the document in.

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  • Staff

Hi @dschiller,

I have removed a few screenshots from your post, as they contained personal information (email addresses etc).

The Forums we use are not created by the Affinity team, it's an 'off the shelf' product, provided by Invision - therefore we have little/no control over the issues you've raised, but I'll be sure to pass these through to Invision.

I believe the behaviour is much more consistent if you create your post having already signed in to the Forums, rather than creating a 'guest post' which asks for your email address during posting etc.

In regards to the issue you're reporting, as mentioned by Garry above any documents saved within V2 of the Affinity apps cannot be opened within V1.

If you can provide further details regarding this file, or the file itself as requested above then we can assist further :)

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