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Placed images are displayed as RGB color space even though the profile is CMYK in Publisher


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I don't know if this has been reported before, but I keep having the problem in publisher that the color space of images in the resource manager is displayed as RGB, but the color profile is a CMYK profile (PSO Coated V3).

Actually, as far as I know, this is impossible because PSO Coated V3 is a pure CYMK profile.

If I open the image in Photo and export it as a new file and relink it, then the entries match again.

If I just open and save the image nothing changes.

Does anyone else happen to have this problem?

Unfortunately, my current example is copyrighted material, so I cannot share it publicly.


Bildschirmfoto 2023-11-10 um 11.29.31.png

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  • Staff

Hi @PeterB.,

There was a bug prior to v2.1 where the resource manager would fail to update the Colour space after the profile of a linked resource was changed externally, the ICC profile would correctly update as expected but the Colour space would remain the same resulting in what's shown in your screenshot. This was fixed in v2.1 and I can't replicate this within the current v2.2.1 version as expected.

Is this .afpub file possibly created in an earlier version of V2 or is it quite recent? If you were to file > place this same linked resource into a different document, or even delete it and place it back into the same doc, does it fix the UI issue or does it persist?

While I understand you cannot share the doc publicly I would also be grateful if you could provide the .afpub doc along with the problem resource file so we can inspect it further, I've included a private upload link below. The doc will only be used for the purposes of testing this issue.


Many thanks

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Hi @NathanC,

please excuse the late reply. This is an existing document from previous years that is continually being updated with new content.
If I re-place or replace the shortcut then it seems to solve the problem. Nonetheless, I have dropped an excerpt of the document in your dropbox in case you would like to investigate further.

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  • Staff

Hi @PeterB.,

Thanks for sending over the file, it is very likely to be related to the now fixed bug referenced earlier if the document was being worked on in an earlier app version, it just wouldn't have retrospectively applied to resources already affected by the issue prior to the update, though replacing the existing resource evidently refreshes and corrects this.

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