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Apply master... - dropdown auto scrolls down when moving the mouse

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In the apply master pages dialog, if you move the mouse down, the masterpages auto scroll, making it difficult to select the right master page. This happens in Publisher 2.2.0, Windows 10.19045. If this behaviour was intentional, it would also work when I move my mouse up, but this is not the case.

Video to illustrate


Steps to reproduce

1. Create a new document

2. Create several masterpages, enough to make the scrollbar appear and preferably a few extra (about 10 will do).

3. Go to a document page and right click > apply master...

4. Click on the dropdown for the masterpage and move the mouse down

5. Notice how the dropdown scrolls down by just moving the mouse to the last item and if you move fast, the dropdown moves to the end of the dropdown at once.


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This must be specific to Windows - on macOS it auto scrolls up and down nicely and there are visual cues for where it will auto scroll. Also, the popup scrolling list is much taller on macSO so we wouldn't encounter this as often - it can get take advantage of as much screen real estate as we have available.


Download a free PDF manual for Publisher 2.3 from this forum - now includes text formatting and styles

Affinity 2.3.0 for macOS Sonoma 14.1.1, MacBook Pro 14" (M1 Pro)


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