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Designer: K.B. Shortcut to Increase/Decrease Stroke Width

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Er, I think the Subject says it!


I'd love a Modifier-drag way to change any brush width – vector stroke, _or_ pixel size when in Pixel Persona.


But in the short term, I'd be happy if [ and ] grew and shrunk the stroke size – of the current pen/pencil/vector brush, if one of those are selected;

or of the selected curve, if the node tool's selected.


Thanks for considering this!


- pbass

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Ok, I just stumbled on the already-existing shortcut:

Control-Option-Drag to change stroke or pixel-width with Pencil or Brush.


Is there any reason that same shortcut couldn't also be implemented for Pen tool stroke width?

Or for the stroke width of a selected path, when the Node tool is active?



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