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[Des 2.1.1] Selecting a locked text layer object after a unlocked one will freeze the app

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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new document
  2. Create 3 text objects
  3. Lock one of them
  4. Deselect all objects
  5. Shift select one unlocked text object, then the other, all is well and as expected
  6. Without letting go of Shift, try to select the locked text object
  7. The app will hang, Affinity Design will start using a lot of CPU time

See video below for a visual guide.

Workaround for this bug is... waiting. The app will eventually unfreeze itself, but it might take a while. On a Ryzen 3700x it takes around 3 minutes to become responsive again.

EDIT: The first time you trigger this bug, the app will take the longest to regain responsiveness again. On subsequent triggers the app will still become unresponsive, but recover much faster... 🤔


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