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Using Affinity Publisher to create books printed by Blurb.

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This post is to find other designers who may use Blurb, an American company which sources print output for their books in Europe and Australia and probably other countries as well. Blurb is a print on demand company. The standard of production is high and their response to questions excellent. The only downside is their link to Adobe and Indesign for production from PDF files. They also have their own book designing software which is good for non designers.

I am interested in finding other designers who may wish to exchange ideas and possibly see if AfPub is able to produce an interface with Blurb although that would be a remote possibility.

nb I have no links to Blurb other than have had them print several of my books. Most books were designed using Indesign however when it became a subscription service I changed to Affinity. So  now I am fairly good at creating a document which conforms to their specifications which are very rigorous, but understandable.

I look forward with interest to see if there are any other users.

If you are interested, the following link is a to a book I designed and co authored. Noel Ford is a distinguished artist and teacher at what was Canberra School of Art.

The book was printed by Blurb.




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An interface for Blurb should be a possibility when Affinity starts offering a plugin API which Serif has stated is in development.

In the meantime, I'm also working on a list of recommended export settings. Please let me know in this other thread what settings you find work with Blurb.


Download a free manual for Publisher 2.4 from this forum - expanded 300-page PDF

My system: Affinity 2.4.0 for macOS Sonoma 14.3.1, MacBook Pro 14" (M1 Pro)

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@boorowaboy Hi Adrian, last week I sent PDFs to blurb. I will receive the book maybe next week. The book was mainly text, with some pictures and some graphics.

I'm currenly creating another book with mostly photos and very few text.

I used Blurbs Webpage, @Andreas Scherer posted and the setup for the content and the cover worked very well. The topic @MikeTO posted is although very helpfull, regarding the PDF export settings. Beside this I didnt do anything special.

The preview of the book you get after uploading the files was correct and although the final PDF I received.

I also worked with Indesign before and the onyl thing I was missing in the beginning was Blurbs Indesign-Plugin, which made the workflow a bit easier.


Affinity Suite v2.3.1 - Windows 11 Pro

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