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[FIXED IN 2.1.1] [KNOWN ISSUE] Exporting to raster formats (TIFF, PNG, GIF etc) with a transparent background can fail in 2.1.0 and other Matte issues.

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Unfortunately in V2.1, our team have found the following issues when exporting to raster (image) formats:

  • When exporting to a raster format and changing any of the 'Advanced' Export settings, the Matte will now apply with the last set colour (usually white), rather than transparent to the exported image. This is incorrect and should remain as transparent
  • After changing the Matte (or having the Matte automatically set as above), the transparent (white circle with a red line) button in the Matte pop-out dialog does not work, meaning you cannot easily return to a transparent matte, without selecting one of the default presets.
  • After changing the Matte (or having the Matte automatically set as above), and selecting an Export Preset, the UI does not correctly display the Matte as transparent and instead displays the previously set Matte colour (usually white) - though it does export as transparent.

There are 2 known workarounds for these issues currently:

  1. When using the Preset Export settings for these raster formats, the Matte will be correctly set to transparent, and exported as such.
  2. After changing the Advanced export settings as required, open the Matte dialog and change the drop-down menu to Swatches.

    Here, you should see one of the default swatches on the right is 'no fill' (ie transparency). Selecting this 'no fill' swatch should return the Matte to transparent and the UI should reflect this:

    This allows the Advanced options to be changed and the Matte to export as transparent, but please do remember the Matte option must be selected last for this workaround to work.

Our team is working to resolve these above listed issues as soon as possible and we thank you for your patience and understanding in the meantime.

Please note -

I am currently out of the office for a short while whilst recovering from surgery (nothing serious!), therefore will not be available on the Forums during this time.

Should you require a response from the team in a thread I have previously replied in - please Create a New Thread and our team will be sure to reply as soon as possible.

Many thanks!

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