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How do I export a png file with centimetres.

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Hi Sgkjer,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

You didn't specify which program you're using.

There's no way to change the units to cm in the Export dialog but if you set up your document to cm in File ▸ Document Setup..., you can see the size of the objects in cm in the Transform panel on the bottom right of the interface (taking in account the DPI set in Document Setup) in Affinity Designer. You can also see the document size in cm in Document Setup dialog if you open it again after changing the units.

In Photo you can go to menu Document ▸ Resize Document and change the units to cm to check the size of the document in cm.

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Hi Oval/MEB. I appreciate it to hear from you. ;) Thank you for your answer. ;) But It's because I need to print out my logo in centimeters so I can see it fit on a ball I would like to get in production and then also be sure that it's the right size of logo I sent to production ;)

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As I understand it, the PNG format stores image size information as "X pixels per meter" & "Y pixels per meter," so to that extent the size information is metric.


I did some experiments with Affinity Designer exporting a vector document to PNG 24. From what I can tell, the document setup DPI setting that MEB mentioned determines the X & Y pixels per meter values in the exported PNG (& the number of pixels it contains).


So for example, a 15cm x 10 cm document exported to PNG at 72 dpi produces a 425×283 px PNG file at 2835 pixels per meter. At 300 dpi the same file produces a 1771×1181 px file at 11,811 pixels per meter.


Interestingly, Apple's Preview app shows both files at the same display size with the View > Actual size setting if its preferences are set to "Size on screen equals size on printout" but at their "real" sizes of the preference is set to "1 image pixel equals 1 screen pixel." Reopening the two files in AD shows both as having identical "actual" & 100% sizes but of course very different pixel sizes.


So I am not sure what to make of this, other than "actual size" means less than one might think!


Anyway, I think if you just set your AD document to use cm units, choose a large enough dpi setting for a nice high resolution PNG export (like 300 dpi), & create or rescale your logo to the desired cm size you should be fine.

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I need to print out my logo in centimeters so I can see it fit on a ball I would like to get in production and then also be sure that it's the right size of logo I sent to production ;)


Søren, professionals don’t really use PNG (usually for screens) for print production. If your logo is vectorial (what it should), please don’t export it as PNG, JPEG, …


For most logos (high contrasts) 300 dpi is not enough! Will it be screen printed?


(Do you use AD and/or AP for exporting?)

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