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DNG files associated with Designer instead of Photo in macOS.

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I don't know if this is a bug exactly, but I had to open a DNG file today, which is a raw photo format, and obviously should open in Aff. Photo, but it's set to open in Designer, and it opens, but it's not the right program.

Even further, after this I closed the file in Designer, I changed the association to Photo and made sure it was done for all files, but Designer had an update. So when the update installed, it reverted my manual change of association back to Designer for DNG files. 

I can't remember what formats, but this is not the first time it happens for formats that are mostly photo based. Might be a good idea to check the installers and see what they tell the OS to associate with.

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I know, like I said in my post, I did this, but as soon the update for Designer finished doing its thing, it forced the OS to set the association back to Designer. The Designer installer shouldn't be programmed to associate Designer with photo formats, especially ones that are raw formats meant to be developed.

Even more, after the user forced the association of all DNG files or whatever the format, to open with Photo, Designers updaters shouldn't revert that.

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Hi @General Disarray,

I've not been able to replicate this on Ventura 13.2, I set my associated file type for .DNG files to Photo 2 and then applied this to all files as the default. I then deleted Designer 2 and then re-installed v2.0.3, when prompted to I then updated Designer 2 to 2.0.4. When the update procedure completed I went back and checked the file association on my .DNG files which retained Photo 2 as my default app.

If this is something you can replicate, could you possibly capture this behaviour on a screen recording after updating the app again, showing the before and after of the .DNG file association and advise which MacOS version you're running?


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