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Make an Aperture Replacement!

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It would be so wonderful if Affinity could somehow obtain Apple's code for Aperture or replicate it and bring it back to life as live product with new features.


You would please so many Mac owning Professional photographers!  So many of us have tried Light Room and Capture One 9 et al.  They all fail at so many levels to replace Aperture.  It is both the retouching and the file management that is needed in a 100% Mac interface.

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OMG that's great news.  If Affinity need beta testers I am retired CEO of a software company and avid Photographer  Canon + L lenses with new Mac Pro.  I have TB sized Aperture Libraries with RAW.


Affinity don't need to worry about Light Room or copying that POS, they need to copy and improve on Aperture IMHO.    :)

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Joined today just to ask for an update on Affinity DAM? very keen to leave Aperture and right now Lightroom seems the only option but I'm not keen on that either.


In the words of Princess Leia, Help me Serif, your our only hope

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