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Black & White Dithering


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Starting from the below video done by GraphicalFinity I made two dithering templates, vertical and horizontal.

Each template has the same structure:

 1. background image, named Replace me!. Put your image above this layer,  then delete it.

2.Channel Mixer Adjustment, make any tweaks needed for your image.

3. Dithering layer, hidden by default. If you want to apply any effect to it, make it visible. Apply any effect (see video), then make the Pattern dithering layer (see video). Before that, delete the initial Pattern dithering layer (4).

4.Pattern dithering layer, see video how to create it.

5. Treshold Adjustment, no tweaks needed.



dithering-H.aftemplate dithering-V.aftemplate

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Thanks for the .aftemplate's!  Either format (-H, -V) works for any photo format due to the pattern layer's ability to adjust to any size.  My favorite adjustment is Channel Mixer Offset slider...as well as, scaling the pattern layer for different size pattern.  One template could have as many different pattern layers as you want, just turn them on and off...I can see a lot of new possibilities for using this output/format...   

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I do not have an Ipad, but, I am assuming that .aftemplates have an easier time being used over macros for options like proceedural textures that can take alot of processing power.  Templates, however, seem to be more difficult for me to keep organized and remember how I used them.  Perhaps, I just need to get an Ipad to push myself a little harder into a more organized space... 😂 

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Good point.  I'm a windows user too.  Do templates done in Windows format work for mac? 

I never got the hang of the user experience back in the early days of Photoshop and Illustrator...drove me right to Coreldraw...and there are a lot of things I remember from that which I miss still today.

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