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Update OCIO support to v2.0

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3 hours ago, Napkin6534 said:

There is an interesting bit of info on workaround for now. Though I have not tested it yet.


EDIT: tried this, not working in Cinema 4D, so no dice. I am then waiting for a proper implementation of OCIO v2

Maybe I'm stating the obvious here, but make sure you extract the OCIO folder and point to the proper ocio.config file
If it doesn't work, please file a bug report in the same github page. The author of the fork is a very helpful person.

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I would also like to request OCIO v2 support in Affinity Photo V2. There are many threads requesting this. 

It is crucial to color management in most 3D workflows. I own photoshop but bought Affinity V1 solely because it supported OCIO (well, I do like the just buy it model rather than subscribe plan and many other features) but I am sure a fair percentage of your customers are from 3D backgrounds and in the same boat. Without OCIO V2, recent workflows from most programs are broken. Your software did support these, now doesn't - that is a shame, and probably costing you coin.


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  • Staff

Hi - pleased to say we have now added OCIO v2 support in the latest beta (2.2). We'd really appreciate if you wanted to try it in the beta (sign up to beta program here), but if not this means it won't be too long before it's made available in the release version.


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