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Can anyone tell me why the export studio ….

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exports svg’s as raster, therefore not being scalable, nor vector? I deleted AD1 and now regret it mainly because it was the only avenue I had for exporting my work as vector. The best option so far is avoiding the studio altogether and exporting as a pdf with all options to rasterize turned off, but then it doesn’t export the adjustments. Thanks!      Edit…. it’s AD2 on ipad I’m using.

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58 minutes ago, fde101 said:

In general, this will happen if the document uses features which are not supported by that particular vector format.

I wish there were something similar to the preflight checks in Publisher which you could set to some vector export format which would point to layers which would export as raster and tell you why.

Unfortunately it’s everything, not just unsupported elements. The whole thing becomes rasterized, in complete contrast to AD1 that didn’t. I could just export within the studio in any format that supported vector, and on the whole it would be fine. Very disappointing, but also a pain in the a** since some clients require vector format. On the whole I’m loving AD2 but there arguably couldn’t be a worst area to have bugs.

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1 hour ago, loukash said:

Usually that happens if you have adjustments or layer effects on top of the layer stack. Can you upload an example afdesign document?

I removed the adjustments, and yeah, you’re totally right svg (for export) worked with adjustments deleted, was rasterized when not.. I guess I never attempted to export an adjusted file in that format before, which seems odd. I attached the file anyway. I don’t suppose there’s a way round this? Thanks a lot for your help!


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8 minutes ago, Mark Freeman said:

I don’t suppose there’s a way round this?

Every adjustment layer will rasterize the content underneath.
So the only way "around this" is not to use adjustment layers for vector export. ;) 
Same for layer blend modes or layer effects.

To get the a similar results in the vector domain, you can:

  • Overlay a vector shape with semitransparent fill.
  • Change the fills and strokes of the objects. Select > Select Same for each tint.
  • Work with global swatches. Assign all objects a global swatch and then you can change the colors from the Swatches panel. That won't work with gradients though.
  • Object styles
  • Symbols

In the export preset make sure to turn off any rasterizing. Incompatible effects will be simply ignored.

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