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I've just started using Affinity Designed, and after having been initially impressed with the workflow for slicing an existing PSD file, have become slightly frustrated at the way the color picker works.


The color picker seems to work differently to most other applications I've worked with. Usually I end up dragging colours around from picker to swatches, or from swatches to tools. If I try to do the same in Affinity Designer, the color picker appears. Activating the picked color requires you to click on the swatch next to the picker, other applications generally activate the color right away.


Most other applications also feature the color picker as a separate tool in the toolbox, instead of only in the colours palette. Having it as a separate tool might allow you to skip having to activate the color, and could also allow you to implement left/right clicks for picking foreground/background colours.


The color picker itself shows a zoomed area, which is good, but the zoomed area has some shading applied to it to make it look like a lens, but actually gets in the way of picking a color because it changes the surrounding colours. Pixelmator and Sip (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sip/id507257563) work similarly, but do not have the additional shading. Removing this shading would make the picker more functional.



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I agree, it's slowing me down quite a lot. I like that there is a big loupe to help you pick, I'd quite like to see some options to change the magnification, it feels a little high for me.


On a side note, It may be a bug but I've had the loupe appear while middle mouse zooming. It'd be great if there were a defined key modifier for colour picking. Or perhaps two, one for directly picking and applying the sampled colour and another that simply adds the selected colour to either the recents or a dedicated picker swatch. 


A good reference point is the loupe in xScope. It's fantastic and a tool I'd love to see an in application equivalent to.

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Slightly frustrated?


It kinda kills the flow completely whenever I illustrate using Affinity Designer. I need the color picker on a modifier key like OPT when combined with vector generating tools. I need to be able to pick a color and immediately create the next stroke using the newly picked color.


OPT for outline color, Shift+OPT to set fill color. The keys must be pressed before starting a new vector, with the pen still in the air (or mouse button not pressed) - with the picker active, touching the canvas will pick a color, not create a shape.


Pretty, pretty please!

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