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Affinity Designer: guides follow the artboard, why?

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Hi, everyone, 

working on affinity designer I noticed this:

if you start creating a guide at, for example, 30mm from the left of the artboard,

and then you decide the change the size of the artboard,

the guide will not stay in that position but follows the artboard.

This is so strange, I mean, the purpose should be the guide will be always in the same position.

It is possible to fix this?

Thank you in advance,

have a nice day.

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Guide distances are relative to the top-left of the Artboard and each Artboard can have its own guides.

If you resize the Artboard then the position of the guide may change, if necessary, to make sure that the guide continues to be at the same distance relative to the top-left of the Artboard.

There are no ‘global guides’ which are not relative to any Artboard.

This is just how the applications work and how people have come to be used to them working, so there's nothing to "fix" as far as I can see.

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Ok, I'll try to be more clear with this video.

I place an artboard 100x70cm size for creating a book cover A4 size closed.

I place an empty A4 with 1 cm bleed (for example), then traced the guides.

Add 1 cm to the left for the spine of the book.

Traced the guides.

Add another A4 with 1 cm bleed for the back of the cover, then traced the guides.

Now I need 3 more cm. space for binding, and traced the guides for all 4 sides.


We arrived at the thing I try to explain.

I select the artboard to reduce its size and cut the space i don't need.

I cut from the right side.

I cut from the bottom side.

When I drag from left to right to cut the left side, the guide follows the artboard.

I need to resize the artboard at the left guide.

How can I know where to cut the artboard if the guide follows the artboard?

Thank you :)

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I think you might be making more work for yourself doing things that way.
Why not create/size the Artboard at the size you want and then drag the guides in?
If you also set the margins correctly you will only need to drag two guides instead of the ten you have.

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To know in advance the size of the artboard I need, i should make a lot of calculations I don't need and I don't want to do.

Sorry to be so brutal, but with Photoshop has always been so easy, it works fine and perfect.

You always like to complicate things :D

(like the unconceivable choice to don't give the possibility to set default unit, thing we are asking for 10 years, and you have not allowed even in version 2.0, I don't think it should have been a big effort)

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I think I need to be clear that I don’t work for Serif and have no affiliation with them.
I’m just a user and forum member.
(Serif staff members can usually be identified by a shield icon and/or “Staff” label, and/or a “Moderators” tag next to their avatar.)

I notice from your earlier post that you are using both bleed and space for binding.
As I don’t use bleed, and have never sent something off for binding, I’m not the best person to advise on this as there could be various things that I am not aware of.

Having said that, I really do think you’re making it more complicated than it needs to be but there’s a good chance that I just don’t know enough about this area.

Hopefully someone who does know what they are talking about will come along soon and advise as necessary.

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