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Text Problem within all my Affinity V1 Programmes on my Windows 11 laptop

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Hi, I'm still using my affinity suite V1 at the moment and there has recently occurred a problem with texts in all of the three programmes in my affinity suite V1 (Windows 11). This new problem is whenever I try to search for the font in the font box in the text tool bar when I'm typing either the artistic texts or the framed text, the programme will crash and shut down automatically. I can only search for the font I want one by one in the typeface' drop-down menu.


I wonder if this has to do with some of the new typefaces I've recently installed? Does affinity suite support Roboto font and Roboto Serif font?



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Hi @Screechy Egg,

Thanks for your report and our sincerest apologies for the delayed response here. We are exceptionally busy following the release of V2 and we thank you for your continued patience and understanding here.

I can confirm that the issue listed in the above FAQ is almost certainly causing these crashes for you - please ensure you have also followed the steps regarding 'hiding' these updates, else they may have been automatically reinstalled without your knowledge.

In regards to the bug itself, I can confirm our team are working on a patch for V1 which will resolve this issue - we don't have an exact ETA for the release of this at this time, but we're working hard to make this available ASAP.

I hope this clears things up & our apologies for any inconveniences caused in the meantime! 

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I'm having this problem with Publisher version 2, not version 1. I use Windows 10, updated (22H2). My laptop doesn't support version 11. It has 16Gb of RAM. Core i7-6500, and Intel Graphics 520 card.
I believe that this problem is linked to the insertion of figures and graphics, even if they are linked, when reopening the file, the figures disappear at times, leaving only the space reserved for them. I found it strange when I looked at the properties of a linked graph, the DPI information was negative and very strange. I'll see if I can get a print to attach.

Screenshot of resource manager.jpg

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@antonioborges I can confirm this thread is not related to your issue shown above, and this is not a new thread which I've already requested you create.

Please Create a new thread for this issue, using the below link, many thanks.


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