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Fujifilm X-H2 raw (.raf)

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I've 2 issues with the development of raw files from the new fujifilm x-h2 with Affinity :

- There is a black band on the image when affinity displays the raw file.

- Raw file developed in Affinity is very dull (right image with aafinity, left with fuji studio)





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  • Staff

Hi @ericeric

The FujiFilm X-H2 isn't officially supported by our RAW engine, so this may explain the issues you're seeing. It's also worth noting that RAW engines can develop images differently to others, and some Fuji files can have colour profiles applied.

I can't give an eta on when that model will be added as we do use a third party RAW engine and have to wait for this to be updated first. We can then pull the update and add to our app.

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I think part of the problem here is that Fuji RAW Studio shows the "developed" RAW image: i.e. the RAW file with the in-camera settings applied (film simulation, Dynamic range Range, etc.), whereas Affinity Photo doesn't know anything about these settings. This is because Fuji RAW Studio uses the on-board processing of your camera (which has to be connected to your computer) to process the RAW file.

If you want the two to match (sort of), put the following settings on your camera:



3. Set SHADOW TONE to -2

These will reduce the contrast of the JPEG (and processed RAW file). It will also mean that the Live View and live histogram will match the RAW file.

It may also be best to set the DYNAMIC RANGE to DR100. I find that with settings DR200 and above, the RAW file is underexposed at least 1 stop. This is the way Fuji cameras seem to work, the idea being to prevent any overexposed highlights.

(Source: Rico Pfirstinger in "The Fujifilm X100F: 101 X-Pert Tips", pg.80).

Then agin, I'm no expert.


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