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  1. The lack of AI and lack of support for Fujifilm X-H2 raw files are the only reasons I have not upgraded to V2 and probably won't. For what it's worth I would most certainly have happily paid double the price for Affinity Photo if it had the AI functions, without it there's seems to be no advantage to paying for V2. Don't get me wrong, I really like AP and do want to support it, just can't justify it and may have to opt for the Adobe subscription just to get support for my camera.
  2. Thanks David However, I was looking to create a batch job which processed two or more style macros at the same time and saving to the same folder as the original, by default (and this seems unchangeable) a batch job in Affinity when saving to the same folder as the original overwrites the original file instead of creating a new file with an altered file name I already know how to create a batch job to process one style at a time and have already created my own styles including my preferred black and white version It would be far better if I could specify and output name/naming convention and also process the same file with two or more macros independently renaming each file and saving to the original folder This would be very useful to me as I will be processing potentially hundreds of images per day into numerous styles and then renaming so that can all be in the same folder ready for uploading None of my software seems to be able to handle that, Capture One is close as it can export and rename to multiple processes (tiff/jpg/resized etc) but does not include the option to apply a style, Affinity can apply a style but only one instance and has to be to a different folder, darktable just doesn't help, maybe Adobe can but I don't have those and don't really want to If only Affinity could record export commands and history action into a macro and also use a custom file name on export (very surprised that last item doesn't already exist) Thanks Terry
  3. Hi folks I wonder if there is a way to batch process a selection of images, each image needs to be saved in two or more different styles and each save using an edited file name For example, I would like to take one jpg file (e.g. image1.jpg), apply a style to it such as Teal and Orange then export the file to a jpg (image1_te-or.jpg), then reset the file to original apply a different style (e.g. Black and White) and export to a jpg (e.g. image1_b-w.jpg) I would like to do this as a single batch job but it looks as though certain functions such as export or resetting the history cannot be recorded in a macro? Many thanks in advance Terry
  4. Any idea if/when this will be fixed, I was so excited when this functionality was introduced, such a shame as the X-Trans sensors in Fuji are often used for Astrophotography due to their filters not blocking much of the HA light, that makes them popular for astro shots
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