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  1. I am attaching another uncompressed file. I could not upload 2. I stacked them as an astrophotography stack and they look like they have the same issue with lack of color. T30A3727.RAF
  2. Thanks for responding Dan!🙂 I am sure you are very busy after such a large update. I am using the Fuji X-T30 with RAF format (Not a typo, RAF is Fuji's Raw for this camera and others). I can confirm I used the "Lossless Compressed" option. I have included a couple of unprocessed RAF files and a screen shot of what these two look like together when stacked in affinity 1.9. If I have the opportunity I will try a couple of "uncompressed" shots. T30A3066.RAF T30A3067.RAF
  3. The demos only show using fitt files so I am wondering if it is different for RAW and we are missing a step. Has anyone had success using Fuji RAF raw files for 1.9 astro stacking?
  4. I am trying the new Astrophotography stacking with Fuji RAF files and the RAFs are not showing any color. Looking at the histogram it appears they are greyscale. If I open any of the RAF files by themselves and not in the Astro stacking they look perfectly normal with color. Has anyone else experienced this? I followed the demo video and I think I am doing it as demoed. Am I missing something or is there an issue with RAF files?
  5. Edited: I realized this is in the wrong forum as this is the Beta forum. I will post in a more appropriate place. I am very excited about the astrophotography features provided in Affinity Photo 1.9. Unfortunately I am also having an issue with Fuji RAF files. I am not getting any color as if the files are monochrome. But if I open the same RAF file as a normal Open (not Astro Stacking) it has color. Are RAF files supported for the Astrophotography features? Am I missing something?
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