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Does Affinity Photo have the ability to view Shooting Information?

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Hi, I am in the midst of a photography course and I need to submit the shooting information such as ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed with my photo assignment. I was wondering if Affinity Photo has the ability to view this Shooting Information?


I can get it off my camera, but it would be handy if I could see the differences in shooting settings between shots.


many thanks



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Hi Allyann,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

To access/open the metadata panel go to menu View ▸ Studio ▸ EXIF (it will be displayed near the Layers panel on the right if you are in Photo Persona, or near the Scope panel on top if you are in Develop Persona).

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Hello MEB,

if load a jpg image into AP, i can display its exif information, following the instructions you gave above.

if i subsequently add another jpg as a new layer, AP keeps on showing the exif data of the first image, no matter what layer i select.

if i stack some images, AP apparently cannot show the exif data of any ot them; again, no matter if i select one of the them in the layer stack.

am i missing something, or is this the intended behaviour?

could it eventually be changed to "show the exif data -if any- of the selected layer"?

thank you


take care,


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I have opened the EXIF information and it states the Aperture as 56/10 rather than f5.6. Out of curiosity is there any reason for this as I have not seen it written like this before?

Just wondering if someone had an answer for me on this? Is 56/10 another standard?

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Yes, currently the Raw info shown is for the first image only. I think those details will be improved/refined as we move forward, like with all other features.



I believe we are currently just displaying the raw EXIF information as it comes from the camera/RAW image. So for certain cameras you may see the values in the standard format you're are expecting, for others it may display in a different format. I think this will be improved later so all exif info is parsed and presented the same way. I will try to get more info about this.

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