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How to remove these shadows with ONLY adjustments

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I know how to remove these shadows using clone stamp, inpainting and copying parts of the photo to new location.

But how to tweak shadows with masks and adjustments ?

I can create luminosity mask or paint mask from scratch with paintbrush.

Problem is when all adjustments are done (or allmost done) appears very visible edge around maked areas.

How to get rid of this edge or how to prepare mask without this edge ?


Origina photo in atachment.

Darek K


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You can get pretty close with adjustments in raw (1st image) but as the edges are soft, you will never get them right, so then once developed you would have use the inpainting tool set to "current layer and below" on a new pixel layer and remove the edges non-destructively.

As you'll see (2nd image) there's still some desaturation on some red tiles as there's not a huge amount of colour information there so you'd have to recolour that area somewhat, even then you'd still need to patch it up a little bit as the manipulation is still pretty visible.




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