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  1. i run AP on Windows. Created afphoto with raw file linked to afphoto. Both files are in the same folder on NAS. I was trying to open this afphoto file on iPad but… received message „assets not found” Why ? both files stored in the same folder and raw not found ! Darek
  2. Hi @Paul Mudditt Good news. Open function needs special type of data (I think so) prepared by other function like Get file from. This function needs two parameters : - special formatted Folder and - file name which could be a text (provided e.g. by function Combine) Darek
  3. I was trying to run this script when file is on nas, on my ipad, jpg, cr2 and arw. Run fron Files and from FileBrowser Pro. Exactly the same result. Show „function” returns proper extension. But Open function shows error with txt extension. Darek
  4. Hi. This is my shortcut. I created this because of I try to debug my another shortcut. It has command Show with parameter FilePath This command shows that file extension is arw. In last step is command Open with the same parameter FilePath. Result of this command shows that file extension changes from arw to txt. My simplae question is : why file extension changes ? Darek
  5. @BarKeegan - when I try to use Copy command in Photos and than use New from Clipboard in AP i have two responses : 1. arw file from rx10m4 2. Normal jpg - all works ok. Darek
  6. This shortcut works very well … in other apps (like Files), but when I try to use it in Photos I see popup message „you don’t have permissions to view it” Thank You Paul. Darek
  7. RX10M4 arw files, jpg files too are „affected” by this nice feature.
  8. Thank You. The way „from Photos to AP” is better because in Photos there is ability to compare photos which are very similar and choose better one. But way „import from Photos” simply works. Darek BTW. When I try to copy/save (Save command in Shortcuts) file from Photos to „on my ipad” folder I receive „no permission” message. And nothing helps, even restart.
  9. Hi. When I try to to send photo from Files to Affiniti Photo I see AP icon on the Share sheet. But when I try to do the same from Photos app there is no AP icon present. Simply - it is not possible to send photo from Photos to AP. How to send photo stored inside Photos to AP ? Darek K
  10. Hi. I have two situations on my iPad. 1. Files app (and any other files manager like File Browser Pro)- open share sheet - i see AP icon and i can send specific photo from Files to AP 2. Photos app - open share sheet and that’s all, AP icon not visible, sending specific photo to AP not possible. And YES, I was trying to create shortcut which is working … with any other app, but when I try to use it in Photos I see popup window „you have no permissions”. My main question is - how to send photo from Photos app to AP. Darek
  11. Hi. I know how to remove these shadows using clone stamp, inpainting and copying parts of the photo to new location. But how to tweak shadows with masks and adjustments ? I can create luminosity mask or paint mask from scratch with paintbrush. Problem is when all adjustments are done (or allmost done) appears very visible edge around maked areas. How to get rid of this edge or how to prepare mask without this edge ? Origina photo in atachment. Darek K _RXV6270.ARW
  12. Hi. For now because I did not found Info panel in AP for IPad I assume it is not present. How to do convenient readout of color and brightness form specific two points? Darek K
  13. My idea for this issue is - grab idea from Photolab. 1. Tap and hold on icon 2. Move up, more up = less step = bigger distance to change value 3. Move left, right And sorry for my english. Darek K
  14. Tak. Tłumaczenie na polski (przymiotnik - to chyba z małej litery) byłoby pożyteczne, ale powinno być zrobione przez Polaka. Tłumaczenia robione przez obcokrajowców na polski są dosyć często dramatycznie niezgrabne zarówno jeżeli chodzi o słowa jak i składnię, która dosyć często jest przenoszona wprost z angielskiego na polski. Że posłużę się pierwszym z brzegu przykładem brush -> szczotka. Darek K
  15. ou yeah. This is my question too. But I am exporting jpg/mid quality/sRGB to Photos app. Darek K
  16. Thank you. But my question was : „if I can do some thing in AP for computer using some keystrokes and mouse clicks, how can I do the same thing in AP for IPad” Darek
  17. ok. Simply paint with paintbrush. But what about other adjustments ?
  18. Hi. The goal is to create most tweaked mask. We can use blue channel, create spare channel, load to selection or apply mask to... Or we can create Gray scale layer and than add Levels adjustment, Merge down, Rasterize to mask. But... When we have spare channel we can choose Edit (three dots menu next to spare channel name). What I can do with spare channel in this state ? How to apply adjustments like levels, or how to paint with paintbrush ? What for is this Edit state ? Darek K
  19. Aaaa… thank you. AP for IPad is so different. Darek
  20. Hi. Move tool in AP for computer has few options, for example „lock children”. Does AP for IPad Move tool has any options ? Darek K
  21. Hi mean something like this : Create luminosity mask = Ctrl+Shift+Click = Tap here, tap there and chose this option Invert layer = Ctrl+I = Chose "this" Studio and tap here Invert Selection = Ctrl+Shift + I = long tap and choose Darek K
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