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you can try the clarity filter or/and the unsharp mask filter.

instead of applying the filters on the whole image data, you could first apply the frequency separation filter, balancing the radius so that the high frequency layer holds most of the detail information but non or almost none colour information. this avoids to apply the sharpening filters also to the colour information and possibly raise up some chrominance noise.

from this point on, you select the haigh frequency layer and apply the sharpening filters only to this layer. you can, for example:


1) simply duplicate the high frequency layer (possibly setting the opacity of the duplicate to less than 100%, if the sharpening looks harsh or shows unnatural halos)

2) apply the unsharp mask filter (live or destructive) to the high frequency layer

3) apply the clarity filter (live or destructive) to the high frequency layer


hope this helps


take care,


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Is there a way to unblur images in Affinity Photo,say like in google maps/google earth lol (and ive noticed they tend to blur random things i.e parts of plants/trees etc,kind of annoying lol).


Tried a tech in gimp (I cant seem to remember where I found it i.e yt uploader etc) and it only did a little bit of a decent job,brought out some detail,but maybe that depends on the image also.

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