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Creating a new node from the node tool modifier while the pen tool is active ( ) Bug & Fix Suggestion:

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This is a known bug on the Windows version of Designer that has not been addressed for a while yet there is a simple solution:

The bug/issue: The Control key on Windows is the modifier used to access the node tool while the pen tool is active - When using this modifier, you are presented with some shortcuts, one of which is the option to Click to create a new node on the curve; In order to create a new node on the curve while you are in the node modifier within the pen tool, you are directed to just click anywhere on the curve, but this action results in the deletion of that segment - The reason for this behavior is that there is another modifier shortcut which is Click + Ctrl to delete segment ; Because you are already holding the control key to temporarily access the node tool, a click results in the segment being deleted instead of a new node being added along the curve:

The fix:  Click + Alt  is being used to straighten to line; Click + Control  is being used to delete segment; Click + Shift  is currently not being used while in the node modifier from the pen tool and the shift key has always been associated with adding something so it is a very natural shortcut for the operation; If the Click + Shift  to create a new node on the curve shortcut is implemented, this is how it would work - After drawing a curve with your pen tool you would press and hold control to activate the node tool modifier, then you would hold shift as well - Now you are pressing both the control & shift keys - Just click anywhere along the curve to create a new node on the curve -

Attached is an image showing that the Click + Shift shortcut is not currently being used while in the node tool modifier -


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Thanks for responding, I am sure it has been logged but simply logging without resolving such a core issue is the issue in itself.... As important as the issue is the proposed resolution _ We would appreciate if the proposed resolution not only be logged with the developers but implemented already; The same issue had been raised in a thread that was posted almost 1.5 years ago.... There is no way such an outstanding issue with such an easy fix should take that long to resolve & these types of unresolved minor issues are why customers start to reconsider using the software as a full replacement for some others.....

The proposed resolution in the original post should have been implemented by now if it was logged with the developers; if not then it should be acknowledged: Keep in mind that the software itself still has the non-working shortcut command tip on the bottom toolbar.... It is visible on the screenshot attached to the original post; There is no other professional design software on the market that has a similar issue, where its proposed shortcut does not work: These types of unresolved fundamental issues are what will drive customers away from these products in the long run -

This is not a feature request, This is a resolution request.... It is a rookie mistake that has a simple fix which instead of being discovered & resolved by the development team has been discovered & proposed by customers: There is absolutely no excuse as to why such a silly mistake should take 2 years to fix; It should have been resolved yesterday. @NathanC Thank you for the welcome! 🙂

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