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Spot color separation not working

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There is some odd behaviour (and always has been) with spot colors.

I set an object with a spotcolor. When I place a white rectangle with transparency over it, the object gets rendered as CMYK.

I get it, that affinity is not that advanced to recognize how to handle this correctly, so instead, I used a rectangle with the same spot color and made a graduation from 100% to 50% of that spot color. To my surprise, even this got rendered wrong, as shown from the screenshot from Adobe Acrobat color separation, when I blend out the spot color, that area still shows as it too got rendered in cmyk.

At least the second approach to this must work, there is no other color laid over and therefore nothing to interpret, it is just a gradiation of the same spot color, so I consider this a bug.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-06-16 um 11.23.40.png

Bildschirmfoto 2022-06-16 um 11.23.46.png

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Hi Thomahawk, 

I'm not quite sure I follow the problem you are having. Would it be possible to send the file you are having issues with and reply with some step by step instructions on how to recreate your issue alongside some information on what you are expecting as a result vs what's happening.




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