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Affinity Designer Purchase

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Hi there, I bought Affinity Designer on mac app store today, but I'm not sure if I've really purchased it. Is there a way to verify that I've already got a copy of it? Like a license key or something? I checked my online banking transaction and didn't find that the amount of money used to buy Affinity Designer was deducted... But I checked my Apple app "purchases" and found that the app has already been purchased. 


Am I using the real version or the trial version? I downloaded it directly from the app store clicking on $51. 


I think I'm just being paranoid, but ... can someone give me any advice on this?

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I checked and re-checked, I have not received any invoice on my email associated with my Apple ID. Argh! 


Because I bought Affinity Designer during this 20% discount period, I want to make sure I really have it purchased, just in case I need to re-buy it or something after the discount period. 

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Look in your application folder, it should be there.  If you clicked the "buy" button in the app store and went through all the steps and nothing popped up saying you need to update your credit card, then you bought it. 


I think the days are almost over for having license keys as it is all done with online accounts. No serial numbers for Adobe anymore either, all connected with an adobe account which makes things much simpler. Hated having to keep track of all my different registration codes and serial numbers, life is much simpler now. 

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